Create a space that reflects you and your budget

You’ll experience the same professional service and attention to detail regardless of scale and size of your bathroom renovation. Our experienced and dedicated team will be there to guide you through every stage of the project, helping to create a wonderful new space.

The following ‘price guide’ is indicative only. Every project needs to be carefully considered and quoted individually.

Modern Lux

From $20,000

A modern high quality built bathroom with the latest on trend fixtures and finishes. Experience our design and planning service which will help and guide you through creating a touch of luxury throughout your new bathroom.

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Bathroom Bliss

From $30,000

Design & build the bathroom of your dreams. We work with you to create a space that pleases all the senses. Boasting blissful upgrades like natural stone, custom built additions and heated elements throughout, we aim to deliver the very best interpretation of your dream space.

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